Values and Ethics

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Established in 2017, the Taibhsear Collective is concerned with the promotion, conservation, celebration and advocacy of Scottish folk traditions, customs, and practices.

We are a not-for-profit collective. We ensure equitable pay for everyone involved in the work we do.

We think of Scottish folk traditions, creative arts, and academia as being in a relationship with the common – that is, in the realm of community and the people who live this culture. We see our role in this relationship as exploring and showing the ways in which Scottish folk traditions bring diverse communities together to celebrate, conserve, and experiment with the ever-unfolding connections. It’s through this confluence that we are able to find new ways of expression and provide a platform for these conversations and experimentations to take place.

Scottish folk traditions are diverse as the people who experience them. When we speak of folk traditions we mean, song, dance, art, storytelling, history, oral culture, customs, and the various life ways and languages that stem from and birth them.

Scottish folk traditions impact on the way we move and interact with space, our identity as Scottish, and Scottishness in a more global sense. They give us a voice to be heard through and to retell periods of history and localised culture to wider audiences and allow us to collectively speak power to community. They also offer points of challenge as cultures change. How new thinking intersects with older ways is a vital and ongoing conversation that we aim to be an actively listening and contributing part of.

For these reasons, the Taibhsear Collective operates in a way that welcomes difference and celebrates diversity. This informs our values and ethics as an organisation. Scotland’s culture is a melting pot of influences and convergencies. In celebration and protection of these values, the Taibhsear Collective will not tolerate any demonstration of or alignment with: racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, aporophobia, gender discrimination, classism, or elitism. We will not engage with or hire any organisation, contractor, or individual not ascribing to these values. The physical spaces that we use must be accessible to all.

Our values and ethics are further informed by the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share and care organisation ethics.

We challenge oppression where we find it and support organisations who champion minority voices. We are led in our actions by those who experience the oppression. Our values and ethics are constantly evolving. We welcome challenges to our thinking, approach and delivery.