Tales of the Taibhsear

Tales of Taibhsear cd album cover peaking through the folds of over cd covers. It shows a ladies eyes peaking out the dark.

Tales of the Taibhsear was our first recorded project, an album of Scottish folk tales, charms, and songs, which brought the Taibhsear Collective together. We ran a Kickstarter campaign in early 2018 to fund Tales of the Taibhsear, and quickly exceeded our target. The idea behind releasing the spoken word album was that if the funding campaign was successful, any profits would go towards enabling Scottish folk traditions to be brought back in to focus for future generations with activities like workshops and talks, and also to hold a Scottish folk magic symposium. This symposium was the Taibhsear Collective’s first event, Dreaming Bread and Skyrie Stanes, which was held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh in November 2018.

The Tales of the Taibhsear album is available to listen to and purchase on Bandcamp.

Black font saying 'Tales of the Taibhsear'

Many people love Scotland, but sadly traditional Scottish practices are fast becoming forgotten. We are hoping you can help save them. Scotland has an incredible history of folk magic. The touch of its poetry skims the land like scree, deeply connecting us to nature, the landscape, and the people who passed this way before.

To bring Scottish Folk Charms to life, they need to be heard and not just read. Sadly, this was outside Scott’s abilities, until he met Amanda and Debbie. Their expertise in storytelling and song allowed them to create audio recordings based on the original Gaelic transcripts & bring these charms back to life.

Amanda is passionate about our connection to each other and the land. She loves how history and stories shift organically, growing to suit our changing needs whilst connecting us to the generations that have come before. She feels that by telling these charms and stories we continue to share the oral traditions once passed down through families. They offer us a connecting thread, allowing more folk to learn from and take forward the old ways and reclaiming them for the future.

Debbie works in the fields of performance and community facilitation. She is fascinated by what persists through the centuries, and is committed to contributing to the preservation of these fragile threads. As a community practitioner, Debbie feels strongly about returning song to people, and people to song. Breaking down the barriers of permission and increasing access to a heritage that belongs to each of us. The music you can hear in the background of the above video is the Witches Reel sung by Debbie.

Tales of the Taibhsear album cover

The artwork for the Tales of the Taibhsear album was done by Julia Jeffrey, a Scottish artist and illustrator. Julia studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art, and her faery and fantasy-themed work has attracted considerable acclaim and attention with features in numerous international fantasy magazines. Her work appears on and in many books and albums, and her first tarot deck, The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, was published in 2013. You can visit her website to view and find out more about her work.