Skelling, Skeklers, & Guising: Exploring Liminality (2019)

Skeklers pin badges yellow badges. They are yellow with a black background with some writing on it that says "folk against facsim" and "skeklers" on it.

Skelling, Skeklers and Guising: Exploring Liminality was the Taibhsear Collective’s 2nd event. It took place at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh in November 2019. This event was all about celebrating Scottish folk magic and community traditions exploring and relating to themes of liminality, Samhuinn, (Halloween), costuming, guising, and winter’s start.

This two day event was dedicated to exploring the themes of autumn, Samhuinn, and liminality, and celebrating Scottish folk magic and community traditions.

Saturday evening was filled with performances from storytellers from the UK and Europe, followed by live music from Burd Ellen, Lizabett Russo, and Heir of the Cursed.

Sunday consisted of a full day conference programme with a selection of guest lecturers from Iceland, Europe, and the UK interspersed with stories and performances by a wide range of storytellers and musicians. In between the talks and performances, there were opportunities to attend workshops and take part in crafts including creative writing, straw weaving, and stained glass making.

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Attendees told us what they liked most about the event on anonymous feedback forms. Here’s some of what they said…

Enjoyed hearing Scottish folk tales and music, celebrating culture and learning it's history.

I loved all of it but especially the evening storytelling before the main event. Also enjoyed the writing workshop. Oh and the music! Actually it was just all wonderful.

I really enjoyed the presentations on skeklers and witches' bottles. I also liked the relaxed inclusive nature of the event as a whole.

Friendliness and interaction; varied nature of the talks and workshops.

A yellow background with two people wearing straw costumes in the foreground.