Image Gallery

Bags with a small black sigil on the front in Ogham saying stones

Dreaming Bread & Skyrie Stanes – 2018

Scott Richardson-Read, Debbie Armour, Amanda Edmiston are sitting on the stage chatting and smiling. Scotts red jumper stands out against a dark brown backdrop. The tales of the Taibhsear album cover looms overhead projected onto a screen.
the guy from rookery mead Chris mullin stands explaining mead gesticulating with his hands an audience looks on fascinated.
Claire Hewitt story teller stands commanding in the middle of the stage she holds her drum in her left hand and wears no shoes and she is mid song. The rest of the stage is dark and a spotlight highlights her from above.
a selection of herbs in different jars surround by information from herbal practitioners from Grass roots remedies
a lady wearing a multi coloured top pours mugwort onto her open palm from a plain brown mysterious looking envelope.
Scott Richardson-read stands talking to Thomas at dreaming bread and Skyrie stanes event. Dr Julain Goodare looks on a little confused.
Christopher Mullin from rookery mead wearing a waistcoat clicking on a laptop in front of him staring intently as someone asks him a question.
Audience members hold a jar of plants as he looks at it askance
A banner saying #folklorethursday there are a selection of ribbons with phrases written on them some are attached to a tree made of brown cardboard.
Jess Smith stands in front of a podium tapping either side of her forehead with her fingers. She is telling a story, her mouth slightly ajar. She is wearing a brown dress with interesting pattern on the front.
Jean Edmiston stands in front of a Flipchart holding her hand in front of herself and she looks at the audience telling a story. The audience looks on with rapt attention.
Debbie Armour and Amanda Edmiston are sitting on the stage in twilight talking to the audience with a podium between them. They are both wearing black and the stage is in semi darkness.
two ladies sit holding mysterious brown envelopes both and smiling and look intrigued by what is inside.
Scott Richardson-Read and Amanda Edmiston are holding their hands in the air and laughing really loud. Scott wears a red jumper and Amanda wears a black top.
a collection books showing different books about herbs and things to do with.
Elinor story teller wearing a grey jumper and smiling at a rapt audience of people. Some of the audience are writing things down others are laughing.
Dr Julian Goodare stands holding his hands in front of his waist looking at the audience. He is wearing a brown jacket and a black shirt.
Claire Hewitt bangs her drums her hand is blurred as she bangs it very fast as she chants loudly. The air around her is grey with the effort.
Amelia Starling - she holds a ribbon in her hand and is speaking on the stage. She looks really beautiful.
Amanda Edmiston wearing a long skirt and telling a story on the stage.
Amanda Edmiston talking on the stage wearing a black top and holding her face about to speak
A lady with dark hair is sitting drinking a tincture from a small glass as she looks forlorn into the distance.
Dr Greg Kennicer - Dr Kennicer is talking to the audience his mouth is slightly open. he wears a brown waistcoat with green shirt underneath.
Soraya from Grass roots Remedies pours a tincture into small plastic glasses for the audience. She is wearing a green beanie and a collection of herbs in jars and ointments sit in front of her
A man stands on the stage talking to the audience. His arms are spread in a wide gesture. A PowerPoint presentation behind him shows pictures of plants.
Dr Valentina Bold stands at a podium in a multi coloured dress wearing glasses on. Her hair hangs framing her face in a beautiful way as she looks over the podium.
Jess Smith stands on the stage and talks to the audience. She is wearing a long green dress and gesturing with her hands.
People's laps in the audience, with Dreaming Bread & Skyrie Stanes programmes and notepads and pens.

Skelling, Skeklers & Guising: Exploring Liminality – 2019

A close up of a straw skekler hat. It is pointy and has a decoration and fabric tied to the top.
Rachel Frost holding some straw and weaving. She is concentrating.
Dee Dee Chainey presents on the stage. She is holding a piece of paper and gesturing with her arm.
A lady in a yellow dress tells a story. She looks happy and is gesturing with her arms.
Artists and Scott Richardson-Read sit before a photography display. They are talking about art to an audience.
A small glass bottle with a heart, some pins, and salt in it. This is a witch bottle for protection.
Amanda Edmiston holding a glass of water and telling a story. She looks intensely at the camera.
Burd Ellen playing music on the stage. They are singing.
Bea a story teller in mid story moving her hands in a wide gesture in front of some blurred out photography. She's wearing a flowery top and looks intense at the camera.
The Cafe at the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. It is filled with people eating snacks and chatting happily.
A man sits on the stage playing a guitar.
A collection of straw objects on a table. There is two straw baskets and a hat.
A group pf people sit in the Netherbow Theatre. They are smiling, and passing a basket of soul cakes between them.
Debbie Armour stands by a podium and presents to the audience.
3 artists and Scott Richardson-Read sit on chairs surrounded by artwork. They are discussing art and look serious.
Amelia Starling running a writing workshop. She is standing at the front of a room full of people and smiling as she presents.
Jane is telling a story. She is holding her hand out and looking thoughtful.
An open door leading into a room filled with people. A sign on the door says 'Writing the Wintertide' in decorative blue writing.
Lizabett Russo on stage playing a guitar. A man sits on a chair next to her also playing a guitar.
Rachel Frost holding straw and weaving. She is concentrating, because the straw is very long.
Dee Dee Chainey standing the stage talking to the audience. Two skekler costumes stand behind her.
The Taibhsear Collective, Scott Richardson-Read, Debbie Armour, and Amanda Edmiston, sitting on the stage talking to the audience. Scott is using his hands to be expressive.
A woman holding a straw Brigid Cross which she is weaving.
Lizabett Russo singing passionately and playing her guitar.
A woman wearing a straw skekler costume. She is smiling.
A man, Tim Porteous, stands in the darkness. His hands are in front of him and he looks serious. He is wearing a red scarf.
A lady and a man sitting at desk making lanterns. The man is holding a stick.
Scott Richardson-Read holding a basket of soul cakes. He is smiling. Debbie Armour stands in the background.
A man stands on the stage talking to an audience. A bright yellow skekler costume stands behind him. It looks scary.
Amanda Edmiston smiles as she tells a story
A horse-like head made of straw
Wendy stands on the stage telling a story
A woman's hands holding a Brigid cross she is weaving from straw
A man standing on a stage reading from a book. A purple screen behind him reads 'Haunted Voices'
Straw skekler costume on stage
Lady sitting on floor weaving straw. There is a straw horse behind her.